One World students shined with stunning performances at the One World G8 Challenge on Thursday night at MLK Library. The students demonstrated the research, writing, and speaking skills, and a passion for learning, that will serve them well in high school, college, and life. Students presented about vaccine mandates, police receiving qualified immunity, racism in urban education, and a rich range of other topics.

The G8 Challenge marked the successful completion of this fall’s pilot of the One World G8 Academy and a major advance for our Pandemic Rebuilding Plan. The G8 Academy is designed to help high-potential and underperforming 8th graders prepare to transition to high school.

Without further adieu, the winners are:

1st Place Stage Presentation
Aliyah Ibikunle
Friendship Charter Schools
Racism in Urban Education

2nd Place Stage Presentation
Sharyn Baltimore
Friendship Charter Schools
Gender Bias

3rd Place Stage Presentation
Felicia Ogundimu
Howard University Middle School
Social Media

4th Place Stage Presentation
Yamilet Tino Escobar
Capital City Public Charter School
Dress Codes

1st Place Essay Contest
Amari Norris
Friendship Charter Schools
Qualified Immunity

2nd Place Essay Contest
Kelly Hernandez
Capital City Public Charter School
Sexual Assault

3rd Place Essay Contest
Kayin Jackson
Inspired Teaching Demonstration School
Police Brutality

4th Place Essay Contest
Isabella Gonzalez-Amaya
Howard University Middle School
Sexism and Sexual Assault