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Not only do we see statistically significant progress in 90% of the schools where we work, we also see improvements in student outcomes at every grade level we serve (see graph to the right). One World surveys and focus groups find that administrators, teachers and students all value the program. 95% of teachers report that the program adds rigor and relevance to their students’ schooling.

Students Are Engaged

One World surveys show that 91% of teachers report that being able to choose their own topic engages students with the work. 75% of students also report being more confident in their essay-writing abilities after completing the One World Program. Students report that they enjoy significantly stronger relationships with their teachers. They learn about each other, discussing topics directly relevant to the students’ lives. Teachers’ and students’ ongoing feedback shapes annual cycles of curriculum revision.

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Teachers Report One World Brings Rigor
and Relevance to Students



Teachers Report One World PD is a
Good Use of Their Time

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Students Report They Can Write a
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Evaluation History

Between 2015 and 2017, an economist at the World Bank, doing work for his local Rotary Club, partnered with the Graduate Writing Program at American University, to evaluate the One World Program. This two-year study found that 90% of schools using the program made statistically significant gains. An article in the highly regarded English Journal reported that One World was making its largest gains with its lower-performing students.