How long does it take to implement the program?

The program takes about 25 hours of classroom time to implement. One of the strengths of the One World Program is its flexibility. Schools and teachers can adapt the program’s delivery to fit within their curriculum and to address their students’ needs. One World will provide consulting support to both teachers and administrators working to decide what works best for them.


Why focus on writing generally and argumentative writing specifically? Why not creative writing, informational text, or some other form of writing?

We do this for several reasons. First, students need to be able to write an essay for college and for their working lives. It requires several critical skills. One World teaches them all. With argumentative writing, we also are able to have students select their own topics and focus on issues directly relevant to their lives. This increases engagement. Finally, most young people like to argue, and almost always see the benefit of learning to do it more effectively.


Is it alright for students to choose topics other than those presented on this site?

We provide the themes and topics in Student Resources as possible choices for students. Teachers can set the topic parameters that are best for their curriculum and students. If there is a high interest topic that you would like to see on our website, let us know!


How does the organization practice continual improvement?

One World believes that teacher and student voices should not only be heard through their instruction and writing, but in the design and continual improvement of our programming. We regularly survey both teachers and students and observe classrooms frequently, and have recently started to formally interview several teachers a year as soon as they complete the program. Each summer, we work on upgrading the program based on what we learn from all of these steps.


What is One World’s standard mode of program delivery?

One World works with schools and districts. We do not provide services or resources to individual teachers. We welcome individual teachers who are interested in using the program to contact us. We would be happy to be in touch with their schools to see what we could arrange.


How much does the program cost?

Program costs depend on the level of professional development support that each school requires. If you are interested in learning more about implementing One World, you should contact


What can I expect from One World in the years ahead?  Where is the organization headed?

One World has spent a dozen years working primarily with schools in Washington, DC, fine tuning our approaches and strengthening our resources and standard operating procedures. We are planning to grow beyond DC in the years ahead and are interested in finding the right partners to work with as we grow as an organization.