Key Vocabulary: homelessness, coronavirus, encampment, nonprofit, poverty

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The Opioid Crisis

Key Vocabulary: opioids, opioid addiction, opioid epidemic, prescription drug abuse, drugs

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Cancel Culture

Key Vocabulary: internet, media, canceled, cancel, celebrity, influencer, politics

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AAVE and Cultural Appropriation

Key Vocabulary: slang, AAVE, black, cultural appropriation, Gen Z, TikTok, social media, code-switching

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Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation

Key Vocabulary: culture, appropriation, racism, fashion, language, music, art

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Video Games- Helpful or Harmful

Key Vocabulary: gaming, video games, screentime, skills

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Screen Time

Key Vocabulary: technology, kids, media, social media, internet, school

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Teacher Censorship

Key Vocabulary: censorship, education, politics, legislation, LGBTQ+, free speech, race

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Fast Fashion

Key Vocabulary: fashion, clothing, waste, overconsumption, shopping, climate change

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Trans Athlete Participation

Key Vocabulary: trans, athletes, supports, cisgender, gender, equity

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Accessibility and Inclusion

Key Vocabulary: accessibility, disability, school, equity, inclusion

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AP African-American Studies

Key Vocabulary: curriculum, censorship, Advanced Placement, African American Studies, Ron DeSantis

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Women's Reproductive Rights

Key Vocabulary: abortion, contraception, Supreme Court, birth control, Roe v. Wade

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Student Mental Health

Key Vocabulary: mental health, crisis, support, trauma, stress, students, school

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flint contamination 1

Environmental Racism

Key Vocabulary: public health, environmental injustice, racism, IQ (Intelligence Quotient), infrastructure

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Key Vocabulary: Citizenship, I.C.E, Green Card, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), Legislation, Undocumented, Deportation, Bipartisan, Justification, Economy, Immigration

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vote by mail 1 scaled

Voting By Mail

Key Vocabulary: pandemic, fraud, Democrat, Republican, logistics, lawmakers, absentee, ballot, USPS

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juneteenth 1 scaled

Rethinking Holidays

Key Vocabulary: Juneteenth, racism, Senate, legislation, lynching, advocate, federal holiday, Thanksgiving, Indigenous People, Independence Day, 4th of July

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minimum wage 1

Minimum Wage

Key Vocabularyminimum wage, poverty, partisan, bipartisan, economy, inflation, politician

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coronavirus face mask 1

Response to Coronavirus

Key Vocabulary: pandemic, coronavirus, COVID-19, reopening, public health, economic

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income inequality 1 scaled

Income Inequality

Key Vocabulary: Income Inequality, Wage Inequality, CEO-Worker Pay Gaps, Middle Class, Economy

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mental health 1

Mental Health Support

Key Vocabulary: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Chronic Depression

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Women STEM 1

Women in STEM

Key Vocabulary: Women, Women in STEM, STEM Jobs, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Girls who Code

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gender wage gap 1

Gender Wage Gap

Key Vocabulary: Wage Gap, Pay Gap, Equal Pay Day, Equal Pay Act, Paycheck Fairness Act, Labor Law

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campus sexual assault 1

Campus Sexual Assault

Key Vocabulary: Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, Rape, Date Rape, Date Drugs, Rape Culture, Me Too

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financial literacy 2 1

Financial Literacy

Key Vocabulary: Financial Literacy, Money, Personal Finance, Budget

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drone 980473 1920 1

Drone Warfare

Key Vocabulary: Drone Warfare, Drone Warfare Ethics, Drones, Military Ethics, Military Technology

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cost of college 1

Cost of College

Key Vocabulary: College, FInancial Aid, Scholarships, High Cost of College, College Tuition

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affordable healthcare 2

Affordable Health Care

Key Vocabulary: Obamacare, Affordable Care Act, Premiums, Pre-existing Conditions, Universal Healthcare

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animal testing 2

Animal Testing

Key Vocabulary: Pharmacology, Toxicology, FDA, PETA, Make-up Testing, Chemical Testing, Animal Rights

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death penalty 1

Death Penalty

Key Vocabulary: Death Sentence, Death Row, Sentencing, Morality, Inmates, Prison, Correctional Officer, Human Rights, Capital Punishment, Execution, Prison’s Rights, Racism

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domestic violence 2

Domestic Violence

Key Vocabulary: Domestic Violence, Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Trauma Bonding, Abusive Relationship

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dc flag 1

DC Statehood

Key Vocabulary: Statehood, Voting Rights, District of Columbia

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voting rights 1

Voting Rights for Felons

Key Vocabulary: Felon Voting Rights, Voting, Voting Rights for Felons, Felon Voting, Convict Voting, Prisoner’s Rights, Convict’s Rights

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rape 1

Sexual Violence

Key Vocabulary: Sexual Assault, Consent, Promiscuity, Promiscuous, Rape, Rape Culture, Me Too, Sexual Violence

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prison 1

School to Prison Pipeline

Key Vocabulary: School to Prison Pipeline, Criminal Justice System, Juvenile Justice System, Discipline, School Suspension, Zero-tolerance, School Policing, Juvenile Detention, In-school Arrest, Racism

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global warming 1 scaled

Climate Change

Key Vocabulary: Global Warming, Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas, Environment, Clean Energy, Fossil Fuel

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climate change 1

Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement

Key Vocabulary: Climate, Accord, Global Warming, Strike, Economy, Administration, Diplomatic, Climate Change, Environment

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standing rock 1 scaled

Standing Rock

Key Vocabulary: Environmental Justice, Racism, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Indigenous, Activist, Litigation, Native Americans, Fossil Fuels, Oil Pipeline

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electoral college 1 scaled

Electoral College

Key Vocabulary: Electoral College, Elections, Popular Vote, Electoral Vote, Democracy, Federalism, Tyranny, Presidential Election, Voting

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gender discrimination 1

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Key Vocabulary: Discrimination, Sexism, Wage Gap, Intersectional, Sexual Harassment, Partisan, Democrats, Republicans, Equal Pay, Inequality, Gender Equality

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defund the police 1 scaled


Key Vocabulary: Defund, Racism, Politicians, Social Justice, Law Enforcement, Activist, Black Lives Matter, Police Violence, Police Brutality, Qualified Immunity

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cell phones school 1

Cell Phones in School

Key Vocabulary: Ban, Influx, Self-esteem, Technology, Cell Phones

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STEM classes 1

STEM Classes

Key Vocabulary: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), Stereotype

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coronavirus schools 1

Coronavirus and School Response

Key Vocabulary: Coronavirus, Vaccine, Virtual, Outbreak, Policymakers, Economy, Remote Learning, Reopening, COVID-19, Pandemic

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school racism scaled

Racism in Schools

Key Vocabulary: Racism, Prejudice, Discipline, Tracking, Racial Bias, Race Gap, AP Classes, Advanced Classes

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school lunch 1

School Lunches

Key Vocabulary: Nutrition, Obesity, Diabetes, Consumption, Healthy, Food, Balanced Diet

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school safety 2

School Safety

Key Vocabulary: School Shootings, Gun Violence, Security, Metal Detectors, Active Shooter Drills, Police in Schools, Mass Shootings

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DACA 1 scaled


Key Vocabulary: DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), Legislation, Undocumented, Deportation, Bipartisan, Justification, Economy, Immigration

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bullying 1 scaled


Key Vocabulary: Cyberbullying, LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer), Sexual Orientation, Legislation, Homophobic, Suicide, Depression, Social Media

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equal pay 1

Gender Equality in the Workplace

Key Vocabulary: Unequal Pay, Gender Inequality, Workplace Gender Inequality, Discrimination, Wage Gap, Equal Pay

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gun violence protest 1 scaled

Gun Laws

Key Vocabulary: Gun Control, Guns, Mass Shootings, Assault Weapons, NRA (National Rifle Association), Gun Violence

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famu hbcu 1


Key Vocabulary: Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Predominantly White Institutions (PWI), Sweatt v. Painter, College

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love is a human right 1 scaled

LGBTQ Rights

Key Vocabulary: LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBT Rights, Harassment, Bullying, Discrimination, Equality, Suicide, Depression

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police brutality 1 scaled

Police Brutality

Key Vocabulary: Black Lives Matter, Equality, Peace, Stand Your Ground, Indictment, Violence, Civil Rights, Arrest, Racial Disparities, Stand Your Ground, Limit Use of Force, Use of Force, Cultural Competence, Lethal Force Statutes, Detain, Use of Force, Demonstrations, Protest, Indictment, Police Violence

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racial discrimination 1

Racial Equality in Employment

Key Vocabulary: Discrimination, Racial Discrimination, Workplace Discrimination, Evidence, Harassment, Prima Facie, The Civil Rights Act, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Conciliation, Affirmative Action

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school recess scaled

School Recess

Key Vocabulary: Politicians, No Child Left Behind, Legislation, Debate, Health, Play, Exercise

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flag map 1

U.S. Foreign Policy

Key Vocabulary: Foreign Policy, Foreign Relations , US Foreign Policy, US Foreign Affairs, Diplomacy

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