Challenge Overview

In what has become one of the city’s premier education events, featured in the Washington Post, half of participating students make 2-minute presentations of their work on stage at the National Housing Center. The other half of students prepare poster boards and speak one-on-one with audience members about their topic. Both groups are competing for scholarships and academic prizes.

One World Challenge Highlight Videos

Each year, One World produces a video showing highlights of its showcase gala, capturing students in the midst of a learning experience they will remember for a lifetime. Just ask Caden or Nayla in 2019 or Tyaja and Kayla in 2018!

2020 Challenge

Just like much else, the pandemic ruined our plans to host a showcase gala or produce a polished highlight video. One World staff immediately launched a Virtual Challenge. Students submitted videos and written speeches online. The entire community rallied to let students know their voices were being heard. 3,120 votes later, One World’s 2020 Challenge has become perhaps the organization’s favorite. Yenner’s essay on saving the rainforest in his native Colombia received 808 votes by itself!!