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Cultural & Global Issues: Fair Trade vs. Free Trade

Grade 9
Articles with Reading Levels: 9.0-9.9
Grade 10
Articles with Reading Levels: 10.0-10.9

Article Name: Actually, Everyone Benefits From Free Trade
Author:Adam Ozimek
Date Published: October 17, 2015
Guiding Question: What benefits does free trade bring?
Grade Level: 9.1

Article Name: Hey, Congress -- Free Trade Means More Jobs. So Pass TPP
Author:Steve Forbes
Date Published: May 27, 2015
Guiding Question: How does Free Trade affect job growth and quality?
Grade Level: 9.8

Article Name: Is Fair Trade Coffee Still Fair If It Comes From a Big Farm?
Source: National Public Radio
Author: NPR Staff
Date Published: November 30, 2011
Guiding Question: What qualifies products to be labeled as fair trade?
Grade Level: 9.2

Article Name: Benefits of Fairtrade
Source:FairTrade International
Author:FairTrade Staff
Date Published: N/A
Guiding Question: What are the benefits of Fair Trade?
Grade Level: 9.7

Article Name: ‘Fair Trade’ Products Turn Profits, Creating Problems for a Movement
Source:The Washington Post
Author: Simon Clark and Heather Walsh
Date Published: December 13, 2011
Guiding Question: What difficulties arise due to the expansion of fair-trade industry?
Grade Level: 10.8

Below Grade 9.0

Above Grade 10.9

Article Name: Will Free Trade Agreements Really Create Jobs?
Source: National Public Radio
Author: Tamara Keith
Date Published: October 12, 2011
Guiding Question: What are the benefits and drawbacks of creating free trade agreements?
Grade Level: 8.3

Article Name: 10 Principles of Fair Trade
Source:World Fair Trade Organization
Author:WFTO Staff
Date Published: October 2013
Guiding Question: What are some core principles of the World Fair Trade Organization?
Grade Level: 12.9