Research Portal

Your personal experiences and observations are critical to forming ideas and deeper understanding, but you also need evidence to support your claims. The One World Research Portal is a database of vetted sources where you can generate this evidence.

The below categories align to the thematic units of the One World Program (although all students can use this free resource). Each topic link leads to a list of articles from our content partners with descriptions. The articles are listed in descending order with the most challenging first.

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School Issues (Level 1)
Parental Involvement
School Lunches
The Value of Homework
School Safety
Technology in Schools New!
Recess New!
School Uniforms New!
National & Civic Issues (Level 2)
Police in the Community 
Minimum Wage
Voting Rights 
Environmental Protection
Solutions for Poverty New!
The Electoral College New!


Research Portal Partners:


The Washington Post

Scientific American

Cultural & Global Issues (Level 3)
Refugees New!
Curfews New!
Gun Control New!
Climate Change
Teenage Pregnancy
Standardized Testing
Death Penalty
Minimum Wage Laws
Science and Religion in Schools
International Relations
Fair Trade vs. Free Trade
Social Networking
Affordable Health Care
Violent Video Games 
Animal Testing
Marijuana Legalization
Gender Equality 
The Prison System New!

Research Resources & Tips
Basic In-Text Citations: MLA Style
Some Dos and Don’ts of Citations
Evaluating the Credibility of Sources
Integrating Research into the Essay


College & Career Issues (Level 4)
College Athletes
Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU)
Gap Year
Careers in Environmental Science
Women in STEM Careers
Racial Equality and Employment
Student Loan Repayment
Affirmative Action in Education
Financial Aid Gaps
Alternate Career Pathways
Financial Literacy New!
Cost of College New!
Campus Sexual Assault New!
Free Speech on College Campuses New!