Grade 11

Battling AIDS in My City

Washington, DC is among the cities with the highest rates of STDs infection in the United States.  The term STD refers to a Sexually Transmitted Disease.  Teenagers between the ages of 15-17 years old are the fastest growing age group to join this dangerous statistic.  Our city’s mayor, Adrian Fenty, said in an interview about […]

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International Cultures and Issues
Grade 9

My Syrian Culture

As one would say “welcome” in Arabic, salamo alaykom!  My Syrian origins from my dad’s side of the family are reflected in different aspects of my life. I have eaten Syrian food, listened to my parents and other relatives speak Arabic, and used Arabic expressions my whole life. My family’s Syrian culture ties all of […]

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Food and Nutrition
Grade 8

Childhood Obesity

As a child, I was pretty chubby. According to the Body Mass Index (BMI, the measure of someone’s weight in relation to their height), if a child is over the 95th percentile for BMI, he or she is considered overweight. My BMI was always over 100th. Fortunately, my parents realized this tendency early on and […]

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