My name is Tayania Taylor. I am from IDEA PCS and my issue is domestic violence. Imagine, your relationship with your mother stopped because of a man. A man that physically abused your mother right in front of you and still deals with her abuser because he got better. No one ever thinks about the child and how it can affect them mentally. I know how it feels because I watched my mother get physically abused. I was told that everything was gonna be fine. That memory replayed in my head so much I started to believe it was my fault and suffered from that trauma for months. Women of domestic violence should feel that they have freedom and that they have reassurance. In order for women of domestic violence to have that, the executive branch needs to change things in its system.

The first thing the executive branch needs to change is the law Donald Trump made in 2017 about terrorists because some people from India try to come to the USA to get away from their abusers or get away from forced marriages. According to Joe Wallen’s story “One in three women in India subject to domestic abuse, study finds” it states “Indian society is inherently patriarchal and domestic violence has become normalized.” This shows that most Indian women are forced to stay so it is normal to them and also as the text says “ THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACE IN THE WORLD TO BE A woman”.

The second thing the executive branch needs to change is helping women and children financially. “Young women are better than men at ‘adulting’ in every way—except this one” by Shawn M. Carter states “According to the Institute For Women’s Policy Research, women are paid 20 percent less, on average, than their male counterparts performing the same job.” This shows how after domestic violence happens it will already affect them financially and it doesn’t make it better that they are paid less so they could end up homeless.

On the other hand, some women of Domestic Violence are not affected by it. According to the organization NCADV “Dynamics of Abuse” it states “Victims of domestic violence do not bring violence upon themselves, they do not always lack self-confidence, nor are they just as abusive as the abuser.” This shows how women of domestic violence sometimes cannot be affected by it.

By changing these things victims of domestic violence will have freedom and reassurance.” Human rights are standards that recognize and protect the dignity of all human beings.” In conclusion, Women of Domestic Violence should have freedom and have reassurance so the executive branch should help them and gain back their human rights.

Written By:

Tayania Taylor

Grade 9