A very close family friend compared her check to her male colleague’s check. She
noticed that she was paid less than her colleague even though they worked in the same field.
At that moment she felt that her work was unvalued. How would you feel if this happened to
you? Women are getting paid less than men because of their gender. To solve this problem I
believe that companies should start hiring more women and that women and men should get
paid equally.

This is a problem because women are getting paid less than men even though they’ve
made greater contributions and work similar jobs to men. This is also employment
discrimination. According to “Women’s Work and the Gender Pay Gap” by Jessica Schieder
and Elise Gould women get paid 79 cents for every dollar a man earns even though more
women are working and advancing their education. This shows that women who have joined
the workforce and advanced their education still get paid significantly less than men and are
under-appreciated in the workplace. Similarly, according to “Exposed and Underpaid” by
Valarie Wilson it states “Women are paid 22.6% less than men with similar education and
experience.” This shows that women get paid less than men even though they have the same
qualifications. This shows how the gender wage gap is discrimination not a result of different
abilities. In conclusion, to solve these issues we can start hiring more women and paying
them equally.

Hiring more women and paying them equally will help bring an end to employment
discrimination. According to “Women Deserve Equal Pay” it states “These wage gaps
stubbornly remain despite the passage of the Equal Pay Act in 1963 the Lily Ledbetter Fair
Pay Act of 2009, and a variety of other legislation prohibiting employment discrimination.”As
you can see paying men more than women while under the same jobs is in fact employment
discrimination. This is important in showing the unfairness that’s happening in these
workplaces despite the laws already in place to guarantee equal pay. Additionally, to fix this
issue companies can start hiring more women. Therefore, ending the gender wage gap will
help end employment discrimination.

It is unacceptable that women get paid less than men just because they are women.
Paying women and men equally and employing more women would be one step closer to
ending employment discrimination. Leaving this aside will make the problem worse. Think
about the millions of women that work hard every day just to get paid less than men. Imagine
the change paying women and men equally would cause. To help with this issue you can
advocate for fair pay and fair hiring practices in the workplace.

Written By:

Genessis Sanchez-Ramirez

Grade 8

Paul PCS