One World Student Reflections

Through our Writing Program, each year thousands of students write essays about topics that interest them. Then, we use a sampling of those essays to create writing units for teachers to use to facilitate peer-to-peer learning. All essays and units are available here, and we add one new essay/unit per month.

Student Ambassador: Daniel Perez

In his essay, Daniel explores the many benefits he believes the United States receives when it welcomes immigrants.

Student Ambassador: Tahtierra Hall

Tahtierra discusses stuttering, a speech difficulty that she struggles with on a daily basis. She writes about how she has learned to cope and deal with peer issues. She also includes a poem she read to her whole school about facing your challenges.

Student Ambassador: Gerizim Perez

In her essay, Gerizim explores the pros and cons of the death penalty and argues why she thinks it should be abolished.

Student Ambassador: Sean Pine

Sean discusses the dangerous effects of increasing global warming and examines ways people, businesses, and countries can make a difference.

Student Ambassador: Torrey Marable

In his essay, Torrey discusses why he believes the community must make changes to ensure the success of every student, including focusing on parental and teacher involvement, early childhood education, building positive living communities, and decreasing poverty.

Student Ambassador: Giulia Setola

Giulia discusses the potential reasons for the banning of all foreign adoptions of Russian children and outlines ways she thinks the ban could be lifted.

Student Ambassador: Nida Shareif

Nida talks about speech censorship in Iran and around the world in her Reflection. She digs into the far reaching implications that limiting freedoms of expression can have on a society. She brings awareness to this issue while emphasizing the true value of free speech. 

Student Ambassador: Aliyah Masterson

In her essay, Aliyah discusses reasons why the nation's youth are facing a steadily increasing obesity rate. She feels that the affordability and ready accessibility of fast food is a key factor.

Student Ambassador: Nicole Latifullah

"Smoking kills people." This is how Nicole begins her Reflection on the dangers of smoking. Not only does smoking harm the person who smokes, it affects everyone around them, too. She tried to dissuade teens from starting this nasty and deadly habit. 

Student Ambassador: Jay Mathews

In this essay, Jay counters the popular assumption that video games have a negative impact on the "gamers" who play them.  By citing several pieces of research evidence, Jay presents a compelling argument  for why video games may not be as bad as many believe.



Jamaya Andrews HIV Education is Necessary
Charlie Nichols We Should Stand Up for Gay Marriage
Jay Mathews Video Games: Is the Bad Reputation Justified?
Aliyah Masterson Fast Food: The Fast Road to Bad Health
Giulia Setola Russia Bans All Foreign Adoptions
Daniel Perez Does America Need “Aliens”?
Torrey Marable Urban Education
Sean Pine Carbon Emissions: The World is in Danger
Gerizim Perez Banish the Death Penalty


Shannon MacKenzie Corporate Pollution
Alex Leonard Video Games: The Good, the Bad, and the Violent
Kyon Muldrow The Price of Happiness
Jasmine Allen Drug Abuse in Sports
Sacha Petricic-Tinto Green Vehicles
Kenneth Cruz-Flores GMO’s War on Our Plates
Damonne Nickens Crime Prevention in Youth
Jessica Li The Academic Race
Nicole Latifullah Dangers of Smoking
Nida Shareif Iran's Hold on Speech
Tahtierra Hall Speaking Out on Stuttering


David Peck National Pride of Bolivia
Marwa Eltahir A New Sudan
Samantha MacKenzie Courage of Military Families
Matt Kaufax Fighting Animal Cruelty
Porchia Ifill Cost of High School Dropouts
Vaughn Jones Price Tag of Child Labor
Jorge Garcia Life in Cuba
Ashley Pinkney Being a Teen Parent
Je’Von Russell Teens, Guns, and Violence
Brandon Snow Social Networking Generation
Julia Di Chinese-American Identity
Ellen DeCesare Women in the Media


Andre Sanabia A Divided Island: Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Alyia Hicks The Message Behind the Music
Ruth Bekele Global Migration: Moving to America
Yoni Kalin Exploring Religion in Israel
Laila Kunaish Muslim Identity and the Media
Tanith Ramon-Ibarra Cyber Bullying
Michael Song Tales of Adoption and Courage
Emma Walsh-Alker Deforestation in the Amazon
Nancy Jin Childhood Obesity 
Rashida Asante-Eccleston Language in America 
Denver Edmonds Single Parent Families
Nathan Araya What makes a Global Superpower?


Liyana Ido The Language of my Syrian Heritage
Malcolm Berry Battling AIDS in My City
David Zhang An Immigrant's Pride
Jessica Yang The Cost of Healing
Sahnun Hassan Mohamud Somalia's Forgotten Children
Alexandra Fognani Done with Bullying
Lara Mitra Kidney Village: The Truth about Organ Trafficking
Lukas CananBhutan: The World's Happiest Country
Ebenezer Arhu Finding my Roots in Ghana
Lucas Lytel Scoring a Goal for Autism Awareness
Chinyere Ukaegbu Name Shamed: A Story of Nigeria
Ellie Olsen The Odyssey of Guantanamo Uighurs


Victoria Wang The Skies of Beijing
Josh Weiner The Power of Play
Salma Mohamad From One Alexandria to Another
Calvin Kennedy Mountains of Cerebral Palsy
Nick Eckenwiler The DC that I See
Melissa Linsao Wondering Which is Home
Shaneka Speight Hoping Tomorrow is Safe


Anna Fagin The Other France
Isabel Nampakwa Kapotwe A View of Zambia from Within
Talia Harris Tasting Culture in Mexico