Have you ever wondered If bees are really that important? Could you imagine a world without bees? If you can’t, let me describe what that would be like. Without bees, 100% of almonds, 90% of apples, 90% of onions, 90% of blueberries, 90% of cucumbers, and 90% of carrots would all be gone (Natural Resources Defense Council.) Does that sound like a world you want to live in? No, I did not think so. However, bees are going extinct, one reason being that humans are using harmful chemicals that are killing them. Humans need to stop using these harmful chemicals in order to save the bees.

Bees do many things that benefit us humans, such as pollinating food.  According to the Bee Conservancy, “Bees pollinate one-third of the food we eat.” Also according to the Bee Conservancy, “Honeybees in particular play a huge role in agriculture, contributing over $15 billion to the value of US crop production.” Without bees, there might not even be enough food for us. If bees aren’t pollinating food, healthy food prices will skyrocket, because it will be much harder to produce it. Human nutrition would suffer, too: meat would become much more expensive because the animals we eat depend on the food bees make. That is why humans need to protect bees. 

Since 1947, the bee population has decreased by 60%. We can save the bees in our homes by creating hives and creating safer living spaces for them. In addition, and not many people know this, the pesticides you use could be very harmful to different animal species, resulting in killing them. If you have not noticed, I am a human, and I need good nutrition and enough food. We should save the bees and stop killing them because they are very important to us. Without them, many bad things will happen.

Written By:

Theo Richman

Grade 5

Creative Minds PCS