From 2015 to 2018, more than 35,000 American children were shot before their 18th birthday. This trauma and suffering shouldn’t be a normal part of growing up ( Kids and Guns). Teens should not have any access to guns. It is a major problem because innocent people are being severely injured or are dying.

I found evidence for this problem on The website says that about 4.6 percent of teens carry handguns and that they make bad decisions with them. For example, there was a shooting at my recreation center where I play basketball. Some teenagers had a gun, and there was a shootout. We could not play basketball for one and a half months. 

One possible solution falls in the hands of adults. Adults who have firearms should be responsible enough to lock up firearms in safes, so teens do not have access to them. Another possible solution is that teens should have an in-school or after-school program that teaches them the dangers of gun violence.

I do not want to feel like I am risking my life whenever I go to my rec center. If this problem were solved, you and I could go to the park without any problems, and we would feel safe.

Written By:

Ellis Brown

Grade 5

Washington Latin PCS