cyber bullying
Grade 6

Cyber Bullying

For now my parents monitor my computer usage but soon I will be old enough to have my own Facebook and YouTube accounts. Many of my friends already have their own. Although it’s cool to read updates and see new things, I know that bullying online is a real problem. From my research, no school […]

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muslim girls
Religious Expression
Grade 7

Muslim Identity & Media

America is great. At least that’s what I try to convince myself of because sometimes I feel unsafe because of my religion. I’m Muslim and I feel like now the world is trying to destroy believers of my religion. Islam’s holy book, the Quran, states that a Muslim who harms themselves or others purposely is […]

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Religious Expression
Grade 11

Exploring Religion in Israel

Long black clothes and long white beards symbolizing their length of ignorance and color of their opinions. It’s these minions that cause the shame, that ruin the name, that make us all look the same. It’s the fundamentalists that hold us to less, that tell us to bless but are blind to the mess they’ve […]

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global migration
Grade 8

Global Migration: Moving To America

Thousands of Ethiopians leave their home every year and many of them arrive in America. Like my family, they start their lives from scratch. My family’s story of global migration started a few years ago when my parents moved to the United States from Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. An immigrant is a person who moves […]

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spoken word
Pop Culture
Grade 9

The Message Behind the Music

“Now, what you hear is not a test. I’m rappin’ to the beat, and me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet.” According to rapper Jay-Z, rap has changed America immensely to improve race relations and has done more than any leader or politician. In fact, the influence that rap […]

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