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Improve Research & Writing Skills

One World Education district and school partner teachers receive professional development, curriculum, and individual student journals, which guide learners through the process of writing a research-based argumentative essay. Formative assessments measure growth in skills aligned standards.

A Proven Impact

Delivering Standards-Based Gains

A World Bank evaluation reported statistically significant gains in research and writing skills aligned to Common Core Standards for 70% of students in 93% of partner schools. Access the full report and view detailed program results.

Showcasing Student Writing

Jamal's Essay on the Right to Privacy

An 8th grader at City Arts & Prep, Jamal argues that regulations should be put in place to control police access to personal emails and computers, as it is unlawful for police to intrude into the lives of citizens in this way. Read more.

One World Education is improving research, writing, and presentation skills for middle and high school students as they deepen content knowledge about self-chosen topics. Students can use this site to conduct research and read student-authored writing.

"One World Education brings the curriculum to life for our students."
-Kaya Henderson, DC Public Schools Chancellor
"The One World Program gave me confidence in my writing abilities. I've since done very well on writing assignments throughout college."
-Sahnun, 11th grade student
One World Education has worked with 54 schools in the Capital Region.
of the Washington, DC schools using the One World Program showed significant gains in research and writing skills.
"I’m not telling my students to write an essay on imperialism. They’re coming up with their own ideas. This is teaching them real skills they’ll need in the future."
-Ms. Howard, 10th grade English teacher
Since 2008, One World Education has impacted more than 25,000 students.
of students using the One World Program improved their average score between pre- and post-writing tests.
of surveyed teachers said the One World Program brings both rigor and relevance to their students.
One World Education has partnered with American University and the World Bank to lead evaluation of its outcomes.