The One World Program

Improving Research & Writing Skills

The One World Program provides teachers professional development and curriculum to introduce and improve students’ research, writing, and presentation skills. Student Journals guide learners through every exercise and assessment while documenting skill mastery and areas for additional instruction.

Meet the Students!

The One World Celebration

On April 13, 2016 we honored the 9th class of One World Student Ambassadors! These students are nominated by their teachers to be published on our website. We also presented scholarship checks to the winners of our College and Career Senior Challenge and awarded three teachers the Global Educator Award.

A City-Wide Impact for 2015:

Over 6,000 Improved Student Writers

One World Education offers the most comprehensive, in-school program in Washington, DC that strengthens vital research, writing, and presentation skills. Through partnerships with DC Public Schools (DCPS) and DC public charter schools, the organization served over 6,000 middle and high school students in the 2015-16 school year.

Showcasing Student Writing

Jessica's Essay on School Safety

An 8th grader at EL Haynes Public Charter School, Jessica argues why she feels it is important to have security officers in schools. She dicusses both sides of the debate, presenting evidence to support her opinion that they create an environment that students and teachers need to succeed and do well in school. Read more.

One World Education is improving research, writing, and presentation skills for middle and high school students as they deepen content knowledge about self-chosen topics. Students can use this site to conduct research and read student-authored writing.

"The One World Program gave me confidence in my writing abilities. I've since done very well on writing assignments throughout college."
-Sahnun, 11th grade student
One World Education has worked with 54 schools in the Capital Region.
of 8th graders improved their scores on four or more Common Core Writing Standards.
"I’m not telling my students to write an essay on imperialism. They’re coming up with their own ideas. This is teaching them real skills they’ll need in the future."
-Ms. Howard, 10th grade English teacher
Since 2008, One World Education has impacted more than 14,000 students.
of students reported their skills creating an outline improved.
"One World Education exemplifies what we need to see for all our DC public schools."
-Jennie Niles, DC Deputy Mayor for Education
of students reported their research skills improved.
One World Education has partnered with American and GW Universities to lead evaluation of its outcomes.