Students are stepping up as they enter the last month of preparations for the One World Challenge. Watch the video below to see students deeply engaged with their topics, overcoming major challenges to communicating clearly, and enjoying the benefits of close relationships with their One World teachers.


It’s all leading to learning experiences strong enough to overcome any obstacle the pandemic is putting in their paths.

Circle back to the One World website in the days ahead for a story about a student who has turned her own deep fears of ending up homeless into an incredible essay about how America is treating its most downtrodden. We will soon feature a story about a student who can’t attend our regular Wednesday night sessions because she has to work. She has encountered many serious technology hurdles too but has refused to let that stop her. Her essay on colorism, including its impact on her own mother, is taking shape powerfully.

Also, please plan to vote on your favorite presentations from April 12-19. Last year students received 3,120 votes. We’d like to double that number this year. Please help us make these remarkable students feel heard.