Studies have shown that four times more LGBT youths are and continue to face discrimination and bullying in their lives today. This can lead to depression and sometimes suicide cases. A way to decrease the amount of these cases is to tell the schools that don’t know that this bullying that can lead to this stuff is happening. Also another way the community can help the youths is to tell the government to try to pass a law to help and to not allow discrimination towards the youths of LGBTQ. These youths should not be bullied or treated differently just because they like the same gender. When this happens we should stand up and speak out, the community should stand up and speak out. The community and the parents should at least support or do little things to help because little things can leave a big impact.

According to the writings of and other networks, children are bullied, especially LGBTQ youths. LGBTQ kids can and are growing up in a place where they are bullied or being abused just because of who they like, or who they think they should be. No human being should be treated this way just because of a few differences.

First, youths being called nicknames can affect them poorly, they can get over the nicknames, yet for some kids, it can affect their health and mental mind with great numbers, nevertheless what’s even worse, being bullied and treated badly can affect people with poor results for dealing with health and mental issues. Even so, certain kids may be getting bullied but they are hiding their true selves just because of how other people think about it. This can also cause kids to trap or conceal their feelings because they care how others think.

According to, there are 21% more depression cases in LGBTQ youths than non-LGBTQ youths. The more depression cases there can be the more suicidal attempts there are because of depression that can be caused by bullying that happens in schools.

Also with these depression cases, certain kids can use positive feelings or things to try to get rid of mental pain but certain kids do painful stuff that can lead to suicidal attempts. Another thing according to people around the world face violence and inequality, and sometimes torture even execution because of who they love, how they look, or who they are. Nobody should face inequity or execution, people should realize that nobody deserves to feel depressed or feel pain.

But there are some ways to help than just reading how the youths of today are being treated, you can help, I can help, we can help.

Written By:

Lianna Molina

Grade 6

Creative Minds