At every stage of this year’s Academy, we are witnessing teachers skillfully supporting students in mastering every step of the writing process with timely prompts while also creating the space for students to learn from one another.

When her students were developing their claims about social justice issues directly relevant to their lives, Ms. Simms encouraged them to be specific about exactly who needs to act to implement the solutions they are advocating.

When her students were collecting evidence to support their claims, Ms. Kodua guided them as they shared their tips with one another for determining what was flimsy evidence to avoid, and hard evidence to hold onto.

As her students started developing cases of nervousness as the time to make their presentations neared, Ms. Raught expertly reassured them while also reminding them one simple way to manage all this tension – be prepared!

Enjoy the videos, and please plan to circle back starting April 12th to vote on students’ work. With their talented teachers leading the way,  many students are well on their way to authoring their best essays ever and producing highly compelling video presentations. Please plan to help us to make sure their voices are heard.