During professional development sessions throughout September and early October, we have repeatedly heard administrators and experienced teachers telling their new colleagues about all the ways the One World Program could help them, their students, and their entire school community.

“Last year, our students spoke about deeply personal issues like domestic violence,” said Meridian PCS principal Shelley Anderson. “Now other students in our school have seen what can be done with this program. I hope this continues and becomes part of the culture for all students at Meridian. I saw it start last year. I want more this year.”

“My kids bought in on the very first day with One World when I told them I was going to teach them how to win an argument,” teacher Latrice Stevenson told one of her colleagues at Paul PCS. “From there, the program provided me everything I needed to teach the writing process and the student journals this year are even better than they were last year!”

As students begin working on their writing assignments across the city, we look forward to reporting back on all the topics they are choosing. Early on, it looks like students are keen to be writing about the election and the pandemic.

About 5,000 students at 22 partner schools will be using the One World Program this fall in DC schools.