With 65 students presenting and our largest audience ever of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and a few young cousins, One World lived up to its reputation as being one of the city’s premier education events.

6th-grader Raegen Coby of Friendship SE PCS silenced the joyful crowd with a stirring account of losing her father for the past five years to incarceration.

“Have you experienced having a parent incarcerated?” she asked the visibly moved audience. The last presenter of the night, Raegen quickly returned to the stage to accept honors as the first-place stage finisher. Many of her 20-person Friendship contingent were crying tears of joy with their success.

The winners are:

Stage Presentations

1st Place
Raegen Coby, Friendship Southeast PCS, Grade 6
Mass Incarceration of Black Males

2nd Place
Ian McPherson, Creative Minds PCS, Grade 7
Mental Health Access

3rd Place
Laila Ukaegbu, Creative Minds PCS, Grade 7
Homeless Children in the US

Honorable Mention
Bobby Cavanagh, E.L. Haynes PCS, Grade 7


1st Place – Grades 5/6
Violet Hardy, Friendship Southeast PCS, Grade 5
Student Stress and Mental Health

2nd Place – Grades 5/6
Lola Adams, Creative Minds PCS, Grade 6
Bullying in Schools

1st Place – Grades 7/8
Gabriella Decker, Inspired Teaching PCS, Grade 8
Child Abuse

2nd Place – Grades 7/8
Hatcher Pitts, Inspired Teaching PCS, Grade 8
Pedestrian Safety

Honorable Mention
Gustavo Chamberlin-King, Washington Latin PCS, Grade 6
Taxation Without Representation in DC

Board Presentations

1st Place
Jaleah Nelson, Perry Street Prep PCS, Grade 7
LGBTQ+ Bullying in Schools

2nd Place
Natalie Padre, E.L. Haynes, Grade 7
Expanding Access to Mental Health Care

3rd Place
Princeton Tymus, Lr., Washington Latin, Grade 6
The Harm of Smoking

Honorable Mention – Grades 5/6
Mila Guzman, Washington Latin, Grade 6
Race-Based Gentrification

Honorable Mention – Grades 7/8
Alexis Ukaegbu, Creative Minds, Grade 7
Inflation and the Economy