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School Leaders

One World Education brings the curriculum to life for our students.
     Kaya Henderson, DC Public Schools Chancellor

A lot of times our students see assignments as something that is due and then it’s over…'I turn it in and never think about it again.' Whereas if they are working on a long-term project they really begin to understand the value of reflection and revision.
     Rachel Skerritt, Eastern High School, Principal

One World Education exemplifies what we need to see for all our DC public schools.
    Jennie Niles, DC Deputy Mayor for Education

How great that our students can have their writing published! One World Education is developing curriculum that our teachers can use on a daily basis.
    Dr. Carey Wright, Former DC Public Schools, Chief Academic Officer


I’m not telling [my students] to write an essay on imperialism. They’re coming up with their own ideas. [One World's Program] also teaches them real skills they’ll need in the future. They’ll need to research things and do critical thinking and analysis their whole life.
     Ms. Howard, DC Public Schools, 10th Grade English Teacher

The program is structured enough that they know how to write an essay and do research but still free and malleable enough to take something happening in their life and write about it in a meaningful way.
     Ms. Raught, DC Public Schools, 10th Grade English Teacher

The One World Program engaged my students because they were learning from people their age. I know I will use this again and again-- the class discussion that ensued was exactly why I teach.
     Ms. Caccamise, DC Public Schools, High School Model UN and Political Science Teacher

Even as a veteran teacher, the One World Program provides tools that equally excite and prepare students for success on their local and federal tests. These resources build skills that apply to their learning.
     Mr. Igoudjil, DC Public Schools, High School Humanities and Writing Teacher

The students were very much into the writing. No other writing assignment we have is as much focused on their views and ideas. It spoke to students who are not natural writers.
     Mr. Kandik, DC Charter High School, English Teacher

I like the fact that everything is clearly aligned with CCSS and visible for students to follow through from beginning to end. The Student Journal makes what they’re learning tangible; the students can touch it. They can reflect on the work they’ve done and see their progress. As the teacher, it helps me to know what to focus on based on what I see in their work. I’m always able to see their progress.
     Ms. Habte, DC Public Schools, 10th Grade English Teacher


Writing and editing my One World Reflection helped my literary skills because I obtained experience in an argumentative essay, since I had never written one before.
     Gerizim Perez, 2014, 10th Grade, Columbia Heights Education Campus, Banish the Death Penalty

The process we went through in the program helped me to organize my thoughts into words. During my research, I was able to learn about different views and perceptions of my topic.
     Sean Pine, 2014, 10th Grade, McKinley Tech HS, Carbon Emissions: The World is in Danger

This program helped me think about global and cultural issues because so many students had so many topics (and solutions) it made me wonder if any issue can be solved with information from these essays. 
     Sacha Petricic-Tinto, 2013, 7th Grade, Deal MS, Green Vehicles

Being a Student Ambassador gave me the confidence to continue writing and submitting pieces for publication. Even though I was not a part of the school newspaper I was able to publish as a guest writer. It gave me the confidence to draft a proposal to present at the National Conference on Peer-Tutor Writing, a conference predominately attended by college level writing tutors, and be selected. Being an Ambassador has empowered my writing.
     Andre Sanabia, 2011, 10th Grade, Edison HS, A Divided Island: Haiti and the Dominican Republic, now at The University of Virginia

Being a Student Ambassador gave me confidence in my writing abilities. I've since done very well on writing assignments throughout college. At William and Mary, I started an organization called Somachange. The aim of Somachange is to provide small micro-loans to aspiring female entrepreneurs in Mogadishu, Somalia.
     Sahnun Mohamud, 2010, 11th Grade, Annandale HS, Somalia's Forgotten Children, now at College of William and Mary

The One World Program was the #1 assignment/lesson that improved my writing...It helped me see what career field I wanted to go into.
     Shaneka Speight, 2009, 10th Grade, Phelps Career HS, Hoping Tomorrow is Safe, now at Delaware State University majoring in Mass Communications