“The new One World instructional videos are fabulous,”  Washington Latin Director of Academics Lacy Peale recently told her teachers during their remote One World Professional Development (PD) training. “Your students will love watching One World’s performing artist Drew Anderson and they’ll learn something too. The videos cover eight things students have to learn in writing a strong essay.”

Paul Public Charter teacher Lyric Simms commented about just how she thought her students would like the new One World student journals while teachers at E.L. Haynes reported they were eager to get started with the One World Program.

These were just a few of the scenes that played out over the ether in Washington, DC as One World delivered more than a  dozen individualized PD sessions remotely to school teams. With a half dozen more scheduled for the next few weeks, students across the city are soon going to be starting work on their One World argumentative essays.

So far, both teachers and administrators seem more confident about the instructional program they are delivering this fall compared to how they were doing in the spring. “It’s truly impressive to see how many teachers are ready to do whatever they can this fall to help their students learn,” said One World Director of Curriculum and Instruction Megan Linehan.