There has been an increase recently in the number of people identifying as queer, and some people are not taking it too well. A lot of these people are bullies from school. This needs to be stopped because it is leading people into depression and even sometimes suicide. Here are some examples,

On February 7th of this year, Missouri prohibited school staff members from talking to students about LGBTQ rights. A recent school climate survey shows that students are experiencing more and more hostile environments as support declines. This shows that some schools are actively trying to make sure queer people don’t feel safe. According to GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian Straight Educators’ Network, these actions will have a massive effect on queer youths and silence teachers, who are most of the time a ‘lifeline’ for them. According to Homophobic Behaviour, an Australian journal, “In 2010 only 19 percent of same-sex attracted students reported that their school was supportive of their sexuality.” The same article also states that “Sixty-one percent of same-sex-attracted young people have experienced verbal abuse and 18 percent have experienced physical abuse, on the basis of their sexuality. When asked where they were when this took place, 80 percent said it was at school.” This shows that queer students are actively being bullied in school. 

A lot of states have already made it so queer-affirming people are safe. According to GLSEN, there are 21 states in the US that have passed laws to protect LGBTQ+ people from being bullied. Prohibiting bullying is one of the best ways to create a safe environment for queer-affirming people. Another good way to support queer students is to organize student-led school clubs. This creates a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. 

In conclusion, bullies in school are negatively impacting the environment. They are destroying others’ lives and causing them to spiral into depression and suicide. We can help prevent this by setting up anti-bullying policies and student-led clubs and programs.

Written By:

Parker Mullen

Grade 7

Inspired Teaching PCS