The chopping of axes on wood. Trees falling and branches crashing down to the ground destroying the habitat. Animals that called these trees home run in fear, some find new homes but most do not. Specifically the giant panda. The giant panda in the zoo lives peacefully but its relatives are suffering from deforestation by losing land (1,087 acres of natural forest land in Sichuan province of China). This is what’s happening to the environment. We can take action steps to help the environment. Specifically, their ways to prevent deforestation and destruction of ecosystems. By planting trees and protecting them.

“Every day the environment loses 2.47 million trees every day” by Davis, Ben. Did you know there are 3.04 trillion trees left in the world? If we continue losing trees at this rate we will have no trees in 300 years by now. Think of the generation after us that will suffer because of what we did. When you plant a tree most likely you won’t be alive to see it but by planting that tree you let your kids, nephew, and friends’ kids, have a better world with that tree. So this is why deforestation is such a big problem. This is why we have to save the environment to help the next generation.

You can fight against deforestation by planting a tree. When you plant a tree you’re not just planting more trees to save the world but also stopping global warming. This matters because global warming is also a big problem so if we plant more trees we kill 2 birds with 1 stone. When a tree grows it absorbs carbon dioxide which causes global warming. Also it uses carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen. This is what the environment can do to help stop global warming.

When you pass a tree you might see a bird or two but trees serve as homes for animals. 23 million species live in trees. But with deforestation a lot of animals are losing their habitat. Almost a third of the world’s tree species are at risk of extinction according to a new report. So with planting trees you can help make new homes for animals.

I have supported reasoning that shows how deforestation can hurt the environment. Which hurts our kids and future generations. I also stated that planting trees doesn’t just help the environment. It helps stop global warming and make homes for animals which can help serious problems. This is why we should focus on the environment. So think about what I said and ask yourself what you can do to help.

Works Cited

Written By:

Aden Curtis

Grade 6

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