Three of One World’s loyal funders have agreed recently to continue their support of the organization for another year, providing critical backing at a time when One World is serving roughly 5,000 DC students annually, greatly expanding its summer operations in partnership with Higher Achievement, doubling its presence in DC charter schools, and developing a digital version of the One World Program.

The Harman Family Foundation funds programs like One World at the intersection of the arts and youth development in DC, Boston, and Los Angeles. The foundation also runs the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington, of which One World is a proud member.

The law offices of Crowell & Moring increased their funding because of One World’s close alignment with their mission to provide operating and program support in cities where it maintains offices, including DC, New York, Los Angeles, and Irvine, CA, with an emphasis on organizations that address the educational needs of youth.

One World also is honored to receive continued support from the George Preston Marshall Foundation, whose founder was most interested in helping local youth in the fields of child welfare, health, education, sports, and recreation.

These generous grants will help One World both to meet the current needs of the students its serves and to build towards its digital future.