One World Program: Evaluation & Impact

Upon implementing the One World Program, teachers will quickly witness that students are more engaged in their assignments, but seeing that their skills are also advancing is vital. Teacher-reviewed and peer-to-peer assessments are strategically integrated throughout the One World Program at every stage. Teachers can decide when feedback is offered and when these assessments are graded. This flexibility allows teachers to personalize the program to best meet the needs of their grading structure and students’ learning.

In order to assess overall achievement from the beginning to the end of the program, students complete pre- and post-program assessments designed to measure growth in skills aligned to key Common Core State Standards pertaining to argumentative writing. For each student in the evaluation, their assessments are scored by professors from American University’s College Writing Program. Evaluation reports are then created for each grade and school so teachers and administrators can see trends in student progress. During the 2015-16 school year, about 70% of students improved their average score after completing the program, as seen in the below charts.

Through surveys, teachers rated the program, student work, and outcomes. Listed below is the percentage
of teachers who agreed or strongly agreed with each statement.