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Cultural & Global Issues: Minimum Wage Laws


Grade 9
Articles with Reading Levels: 9.0-9.9
Grade 10
Articles with Reading Levels: 10.0-10.9

Article Name: Raising The Minimum Wage: Whom Does It Help?
Source: National Public Radio
Author: Martin Kaste
Date Published: January 3, 2012
Guiding Question: To what extent is raising the minimum wage helpful?
Grade Level: 9.8

Article Name: Minimum Wage Rise: More Money or Fewer Jobs?
Source: National Public Radio
Author: Marilyn Geewax
Date Published: July 19, 2009
Guiding Question: To what extend does raising the minimum wage lead to fewer jobs?
Grade Level: 9.2

Article Name: PRO/CON: Should fast-food employees earn a living wage?
Source: McClatchy-Tribune via Newsela (Ed. Newsela staff. Version 1040)
Author: James Sherk and Mark Weisbrot
Date Published: December 6, 2013
Guiding Question: Does higher pay in fast-food employees equal less jobs?
Grade Level: 10.0


Below Grade 9.0

Above Grade 10.9

Article Name: Raising Minimum Wage: A Help or Harm?
Source: National Public Radio
Author: NPR staff
Date Published: July 8, 2012
Guiding Question: What are the potential benefits and disadvantages of increasing the minimum wage?
Grade Level: 8.3

Article Name: California about to bump minimum wage to $15 per hour​​​​​​​
Source: Associated Press via Newsela (Ed. Newsela staff. Version 930)
Author: Don Thompson and Justin Pritchard
Date Published: April 1, 2016
Guiding Question: Will the bump in minimum wage give workers more money or force them to lose their job?
Grade Level: 8.3

Article Name: Who Makes Minimum Wage?
Source: Pew Research Center
Author: Drew Desilver
Date Published: 
September 8, 2014
Guiding Question: What is the history of minimum wage and who does it affect?
Grade Level: 11.6