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Who We Are

One World Education’s mission is to build the knowledge and skills students need to confront the cultural and global issues of today and prepare for the college and career opportunities of tomorrow.

The organization’s signature One World Program serves grades 5 through 12 and offers schools month-long, grade-level units that include Common Core-aligned curriculum, student journals, professional development, and evaluation. Through the organization’s website, students can access its Research Portal to utilize vetted research sources and our library of Student Writing, which showcases grade-level, exemplary writing to promote peer-to-peer learning on a wide array of relevant and student-chosen topics.

Since 2012, the organization has partnered with American University to evaluate its program. During the 2015-16 school year, the One World Program will be used in more public and charter schools than any other in-school program in the capital region.

How We Began
One World Education started as a classroom project by teachers Eric Goldstein and Emily Chiariello at SEED Charter School in Washington, DC in 2006. They realized traditional teaching approaches and resources were not helping their students think deeply and write about issues important to them. They created a classroom project to engage students in the writing process about their own ideas on the cultural and global issues that mattered most to them. That year, their classes met their Yearly Progress Writing Goals for the first time in the school's history. A year later, the teachers expanded this project into a nonprofit to serve more schools.