With a record 70 students presenting and more than 300 family members braving the rain to cheer them on, the April 28th One World Challenge was perhaps our grandest event ever. A special thank you to the National Housing Center for being incredible hosts!

And the winners are:

Stage Presentations

1st Place
Alix Bonelli, E.L. Haynes, Grade 6
Sexual Assault

2nd Place
Anya Lilly, DC International, Grade 7
Book Banning

3rd Place
Ian McPherson, Creative Minds, Grade 6

Honorable Mention
Bobby Cavanagh, E.L. Haynes, Grade 6
Gun Violence


1st Place – Grades 5/6
Kira Lilly, Washington Latin, Grade 5
Gun Violence and Mental Health

2nd Place – Grades 5/6
Felix Santiago, Washington Latin, Grade 5
Gun Violence

1st Place – Grades 7/8
Hatcher Pitts, Inspired Teaching, Grade 7
Water Crisis

2nd Place – Grades 7/8
Maniya Smith, Center City, Grade 7
Teen Drug Abuse

Board Presentations

1st Place
Theo Richman, Creative Minds, Grade 5
The Environmental Importance of Bees

2nd Place
Natalie Padre, E.L. Haynes, Grade 6
Peer Pressure

3rd Place
Makiyah Davis, Friendship Southeast, Grade 8
Stereotypes in Media

Honorable Mention – Grades 5/6
Maya Ramirez, DC International, Grade 6
Plastic Pollution Affecting Marine Life

Honorable Mention – Grades 7/8
Parker Mullen, Inspired Teaching, Grade 7
LGBTQ+ Rights