A special thank you to the Deloitte employees Carri Banholzer and Rebecca Callahan who generously volunteered their time to judge the board presentations of One World students at our December High School Challenge.

“Judging gave me insight into what the next generation is seeing,” said Banholzer. “I was blown away by Kamari in particular and how she saw the impact of social media in her own life and on our entire society. I also was impressed by how much she had practiced. You could see all the work she had put into being able to communicate exactly what she wanted to say about social media.”

“I was really nervous starting my presentation,” Kamari said.  “I was afraid I was going to stutter. But Carri was both taking notes on what I was saying and looking up and making eye contact in a way that helped me to relax completely. She made me feel like I was talking to a person, not someone judging me.”

“Looking back now, I really do appreciate what the judges did for us. They made me feel important, like a mini-celebrity. Carri was a successful person who wanted to know what I was thinking.”

As far as what’s stayed with her from her One World research, Kamari said she was surprised to learn that studies have found that boys on social media were even more self-conscious than girls when it came to their physical appearance. She’s more aware now “about just how sensitive many of the boys around her are likely to be.”