One World’s Professional Development Philosophy

As a research and writing program developed by teachers, One World believes in the power of educators. We believe that when teachers receive a proven and flexible curriculum, respectful training, and support, their students meet and exceed expectations. We understand that teachers may arrive at our training with other priorities on their minds. Our goal is that they leave feeling inspired that the One World Program will be an exceptional instructional opportunity for themselves and a meaningful learning opportunity for their students.

Professional Development Key Takeaways

First and foremost, our training starts by understanding each teacher’s relationship to themselves as writers and writing instructors. To teach writing, we need to think like writers. Second, we’ll walk through the One World Program’s resources and services and program timeline. We will clarify program goals and the ways we show student impact. We’ll then move through the curriculum and address your questions to help you personalize our program so it best meets the needs of your classroom. We will leave with an understanding of how to support you during the process. We’re here to help.

The Professional Development Session

One World’s training session typically takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. This period is short and focused, and we advise teachers to arrive prepared so we can use their time most effectively. Prior to the training, One World will mail or email you the curriculum and student journal so you can become familiar with the program’s main resources.

Delivery Options
  • In-Person – We’ll come to your school.
  • Zoom – We’ll provide a Zoom link for our meetings.