July 1, 2020

One World is racing to be 100% remote learning ready for the first day of school. For a full description of One World’s Pandemic Response Project (PRP), read more.

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July 13th

New student journals are hot off the presses. Production has started on One World videos. Teachers are working round the clock to have exciting new topics ready for students.


Some New Topics

Grade 5/6 – School Issues Examples: Cell Phones, Coronavirus and School Responses, Racism in Schools, STEM, Technology in Schools

Grade 7/8 – National & Civic Issues Examples: DACA, Defunding the Police, Juneteenth, Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, Standing Rock (Sioux Pipeline Dispute), US and Coronavirus, Voting by Mail

Grade 9/10 – Cultural & Global Issues Examples: Affordable Healthcare, Death Penalty, Gun Laws, Immigration (refugees, DACA, reform), Income Inequality, LGBT Bullying, Standardized Testing, School to Prison Pipeline

Grade 11/12 – College & Career Issues Examples: Affirmative Action in Education, DC Statehood, Financial Aid Gap Funding, Financial Literacy Gender Equality, Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs), Racial Equality and Employment, Student Loan Repayment, Women in STEM Careers