Adar Howard recently joined our team as the new Director of Teaching and Learning. We sat down with her for insight into the variety of experiences that led her to One World.

What is your favorite thing about being an educator?

I love seeing the “lightbulb” when a student understands a concept, just as much as I love learning how to create those moments. Young people have a wealth of knowledge and are always developing new ways to communicate their voice.

Where were you working prior to joining One World?

I worked with the College Success Foundation as a college preparatory advisor and curriculum writer. I supported students with literacy and numeracy instruction, college application support, especially with personal statements, and financial literacy in navigating the cost of higher education. Prior to that, I was an English Language Arts teacher at Ballou High School in Washington, DC.

Why did you decide to apply for the Director of Teaching and Learning position?

I really enjoyed using the One World program when I was teaching at Ballou. As a new teacher, it was difficult to navigate the various reading and writing skill levels in my high school classroom of more than 30 students. I personally used the One World curriculum and saw how students with a wide range of writing skills connected to their individual voice and gained confidence in the writing process.

How has your experience been thus far at One World?

It feels wonderful to be working with students and teachers in a city where I first attended schools as a child and later taught in as an adult. I am also enjoying sharing a program that engaged even my most challenging students. It’s great to be collaborating with my co-workers and DC teachers, working towards our collective success.

As a native Washingtonian, what do you like most about living in DC?

I love this city in part because I feel so connected here. Everywhere I go, I run into old classmates, teachers, neighbors, and former colleagues. Newcomers may feel like the city is huge, but my home is a small town to me. I want to live my life in ways that help everyone, especially young people and newcomers, to feel connected here.