College & Career Writing Fair Winners

“Each of you found your voice through writing”-- Brian Pick, Chief of Teaching and Learning, DC Public Schools

“Fantastic event with @OneWorldEdu tonight! So many talented @dcpublicschools students! So difficult to judge!”—Liz Gossens, Communications Strategy Group

@OneWorldEdu seniors rocked their presentations! So proud.”—Lisa Banks, The Constitution Project

“Power, persuasion, passion on display @OneWorldEdu—Mary Lord, DC State Board of Education Member

MLK Jr. Library was electric on Thursday, February 12! The 19 students who were chosen to represent their schools at the inaugural Senior College & Career Writing Fair showed a level of maturity, poise, and expertise that is rare in adults, let alone 17- and 18-year olds. They presented their arguments in front of more than 200 people, persuading the audience to their position on multiculturalism, hazing, wage equality, undocumented students, and more.

We’d like to thank the teachers. Without their excellence and dedication the greatness we witnessed would not have been possible. Thank you to

McKinley Tech’s Rachel Broudy
Bell High School’s Keishia  Thorpe
Banneker High School’s Jacques Leighty
Coolidge High School’s Kamel Igoudjil
Ballou High School’s Adar Howard
Eastern High School’s Brian Reing

All of the students worked very hard and did excellent work. These are the winners and runners up as the judges selected:

Ballou High School
Winner: Triony Valdivia-Cazzol
Coolidge High School
Winner: Jasmine Bolding

Banneker High School
Winner: Benjamin Acquah
Runner up: Alexis Vivar
Bell High School
Winner: Rahiel Gebre
Runner up: Jose Lopez
Eastern High School
Winner: Daesean Evans
Runner up: Kiara Hill
McKinley Tech
Winner: Fayo Aiyetan
Runner up: Malik Arbertha

Many thanks to all the judges, teachers, community and business leaders who helped make this a great opportunity to showcase a true bright spot happening in DC public schools.

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