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One World Program: Curriculum

The curriculum includes four grade-level One World Units, each with a specific, age-appropriate theme:

These units span 4-8 weeks, contain 10 lesson plans, address approximately 20-25 Common Core State Standards, and are designed to prepare students for assessments like PARCC. Click on the grade level above to see the specific standards addressed at each one. All lessons contain clear and measurable objectives, exercises, and assessments.

Each One World Unit is divided into four core stages:

Stage 1: Student Exemplar Analysis
Students are introduced to the foundation, uses, and vocabulary of the problem-solution approach to argumentative writing through an analysis of a student exemplar that revolves around a cultural and global issue. By the end of stage one, students have explored various issues through the lens of argumentative writing and are ready to select their research topic.

Stage 2: Research
Students begin this stage by writing a personal narrative about the issue they have chosen and practice identifying quality sources and evidence in PARCC-style assessments. Then, they construct research questions to create a plan of action for in-depth research and source analysis. Resources at varying reading levels have been selected and are available on the One World Education Research Portal. We encourage teachers to plan this stage in advance of the lessons to reserve computer lab time or provide additional materials.

Stage 3: Writing
Students are guided through the process of selecting the best evidence to support their claim, organizing their research into an outline, and transferring their conclusions into a draft of their Argumentative Reflection. They then provide and receive peer feedback and engage in revision toward a final draft.

Stage 4: Presentation
Once final Argumentative Reflections are completed, students present their information to the class or in smaller peer groups. Teachers select student writing for submission to the One World Education Team for publishing consideration.

Publishing Student Writers
One World Education publishes selected writing from students who complete the One World Program. Teachers choose students whose Reflection they submit to One World Education for publishing consideration.