A Partnership Built on Impact

In November, One World Education presented its One World Writing Program at two national education conferences. Several teachers on our team were in Maryland at the National Conference of English Teachers and I presented at the National Conference of Social Studies Teachers in Boston. It was the first time the organization has showcased its proven work beyond the Capital Region and both opportunities were made possible because of the organization’s partnership with the Global Good Fund.

The Global Good Fund was created in December 2011 by its CEO, Carrie Rich, based on her belief that young people can change the world. Since that time the Global Good Fund has accelerated the development of more than 18 high-potential young leaders to help them achieve out-sized social impact. We’re proud to be a part of this community.

I became a Global Good Fund Fellow in 2014. Central to the Global Good Fund Fellowship is partnering Fellows to accomplished executive Coaches.  These Coaches share lessons learned from their achievements and mistakes and support Fellows in developing a Strategic Plan for the year to dramatically expand their capacity and outcomes. I’ve had the privilege to work with Cliff Kayser of Polarity Partnerships and Xperience LLC.

A foundation of my work with Cliff has been to establish a series of strategic goals for our year-long partnership. It only took a few sessions to realize that his guidance and questioning were filling a significant void in my leadership development. The Global Good Fund additionally supports each Fellow with $10,000 to assist in the execution of their goals. In essence, for me the Fellowship has helped strengthen my ability to lead the organization and to scale its operations, while providing some needed investment to achieve these measures.

One of these strategic goals was to expand the outreach of One World Education to school communities beyond the Capital Region. A core action step in fulfilling this goal was reaching these audiences, and without the support of the Global Good Fund, attending and presenting at these two education conferences could not have happened.

With the holidays approaching, and as we enter a season of reflection, we want to recognize and thank our partners. The Global Good Fund has been an exceptional organization to work with and we’re grateful for their investment in the mission of One World Education.

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