Creating a Virtual Challenge

In the spring, when the pandemic shut down the country two weeks before our in-person, showcase gala event, we quickly moved to create a Virtual Challenge. Once disappointed students became avid videographers, sending us their presentations. 3,120 votes later, we had extremely happy winners.


Building New Instructional Resources

In mid-May, we set the goal to be 100% remote-learning ready by the first day of school. After an extraordinary summer of 2020, One World is rolling out half a dozen powerful, remote-learning ready, instructional resources, including:


  • This web site
  • New student journals that make independent work far easier for students (and parents too)
  • Extraordinary instructional videos to supplement teachers’ lessons
  • An updated research library
  • Highly engaging teacher lesson plans


Extraordinary Instructional Videos

With a series of three- to eight-minute videos for students, One World provides a supplemental tool for teachers to use to reinforce their instruction of critical concepts that students will thoroughly enjoy. With poems, riffs, and summary raps, teacher and performing artist Drew Anderson reviews how to:

  • Hook audiences
  • Craft a claim
  • Conduct Research
  • Evaluate Evidence
  • Present and Rebut Counterclaims
  • Use Transitions
  • Master the 5Ps of Presentation

New and Improved Student Journals

One World’s redesigned student journals provide the necessary supports for students to practice all the skills they need to write a strong essay. With a compelling new graphic look, the journal includes images of dozens of past students deeply engaged with their assignments and enjoying their work as well as exemplars of past student work for current students to study.

Designed so that students can complete all their work in one place without needing any scrap paper at all, the journal provides graphic organizers, strategic reminders, and a self-assessment at the end to improve students’ meta-cognition. The step-by-step directions make it easy both for students to follow and for parents or guardians to provide support.