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One World Digital Project Pilot Report 1


  1. Completed first round of piloting with five teachers and several hundred students this fall and winter at a range of levels in DC high schools.
  2. Despite excellent feedback, we will postpone program launch for additional testing.
  3. We are planning a series of rapid-fire iterations with small groups of teachers until confident with results.


  1. Activities perceived as strong and engaging
  2. More visual look seen as a plus
  3. Teachers impressed our program is teaching students useful digital skills
  4. Teachers were impressed with their support (we know that this is not a scalable model)
  5. We re-established working relationships with several DCPS high schools


Focus Core Challenge Result Solution
Duration & Usability (student-facing) Course takes longer to complete than paper-based program
  • Teachers did not plan additional time
  • Learning is interrupted
  • Essays not completed
  • Data not collected
  • Unable to evaluate outcomes
  • Streamline program elements where possible
  • Manage teacher expectations and recommended teaching strategies more explicitly
Curriculum Overemphasis on student-facing side and not enough on lesson plans
  • Few teachers used the lesson plans
  • Need to simplify the curriculum
Professional Development Training dates secured late into school calendar
  • Few teachers able to attend training
  • Different levels of digital expertise
  • Training needs to be differentiated and capture what are essential and optional components

Teachers and internal staff lacked digital program experience

  • Consistent internal challenges navigating options from our partners and learning to make “easy” fixes
  • Teachers depth of digital experience is a great variable
  • Improve standard operating procedures (onboarding students, teachers, grading, and feedback).
  • Pursue opportunities to onboard staff with digital education expertise
  • Absenteeism appears to impact digital platform more so the print program

2018-2020 Proposed Timeline

Stage Period Development Piloting


July 2018 - November 2018

2 November 2018 - March 2019  
  • SY19 Design Pilot
3 March 2019 - July 2019
  • Revisions based on SY19 Pilot
  • Bids for developer
  • SY20 #1 & #2 pilot recruitment
4 August 2019 - November 2019  
  • SY20 Pilot #1
5 November 2019 - December 2019
  • Revisions from SY20 #1 Pilot
  • SY20 #2 pilot recruitment
6 January 2020 - March 2020  
  • SY20 Pilot #2
7 April-2020 - July 2020
  • Revisions from SY20 #2 Pilot
  • Launch Partner Recruitment
8 September 2020 - December 2020
  • Pilot #3 or Program Launch