by Holly Kearl - November 24, 2014
More than two million students take the SAT each year, each one hoping that their test score will help them gain admission into the college of their choice. One of the more popular test dates is December 6, so for many students, right now is a high stress time. Students, especially high school seniors, may feel pressure to study every waking moment in their quest for a good test score. One World Education 2013 Student Ambassador Jessica Li, who was a grade 12 student at Montgomery High School in... Read more
by Holly Kearl - November 18, 2014
Originally from Kentucky, Beth Kara has been teaching 8th grade Humanities at E. L. Haynes Public Charter School in Washington, DC for two years. Before that, she taught for five years in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Mrs. Kara is the advisor for the film club at E. L. Haynes, which meets twice per week to watch and discuss classic and contemporary films. Her favorite part of leading the club, she says, is “the opportunity to learn from the kids. The students bring such unique perspectives... Read more
by Holly Kearl - November 11, 2014
One World Education is proud to be part of a community of school initiatives and nonprofits working to improve student writing in DC schools. In this series, we highlight their great work. When Ashley Johnson taught ninth grade English and Language Arts as a DC Public School teacher, she was shocked by how many students were only at a third grade reading level. She and her colleagues did the best they could to help students overcome that gap, but they were required to teach the learning standards... Read more
by Holly Kearl - November 7, 2014
“Imagine if the state or country you lived in would not allow you to marry someone you wanted to marry. Gay couples do not get the same rights as other couples and face discrimination in some societies. I think gay couples should receive the same rights as other couples.” When One World Education Student Ambassador Charlie Nichols wrote his essay on gay marriage last year, same-sex matrimony was only legal in 17 states and many people were vocally against it. Arguments ranged from the... Read more
by Nicole Johnson - November 6, 2014
One of the best aspects of being Program Manager with One World Education is having the opportunity to visit amazing school campuses. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit William E. Doar Public Charter School and observe Mr. Peter Thomas’s 8th grade English Language Arts class. William E. Doar PCS, is the only performing arts public charter school in Washington, D.C., and not only do they provide a world class performing arts education, but it is very clear that the school is equally... Read more