by Stephanie Burgevin - January 14, 2015
Every year people ask us, “What topics are you going to have for the curriculum this year?” It may seem strange, but the answer is that we don’t know. We have a good reason for that. One of the best things about One World Education’s program is that it is guided by our students’ interests so we have to wait to see what topics our Student Ambassadors are going to research and write about. This year, as always, our students have chosen a wide variety of timely topics... Read more
by Holly Kearl - December 22, 2014
This holiday season, it’s likely you know someone who has put a video game or two on their present wish list. As early as July, I spotted companies already hyping up the new games they’ll release in December, while places like wrote their lists about the “Biggest Video Games of the Holiday Season” in October! Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection top their list. For parents, there may be angst: are... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - December 17, 2014
In November, One World Education presented its One World Writing Program at two national education conferences. Several teachers on our team were in Maryland at the National Conference of English Teachers and I presented at the National Conference of Social Studies Teachers in Boston. It was the first time the organization has showcased its proven work beyond the Capital Region and both opportunities were made possible because of the organization’s partnership with the Global Good Fund. The... Read more
by Holly Kearl - December 10, 2014
Our Writing Program has proven results. For example, when George Washington University and American University conducted an evaluation for the 2013-14 school year, they found that the unit improved students’ grade on the written essay section by an average 4.8 percentage points. Eighty percent of students said the unit improved their writing skills and 84 percent said it helped them know how to research information.  Those are the numbers, but what about the student stories? Matt Kaufax... Read more
by Holly Kearl - December 4, 2014
Twelfth grade English and AP Literature teacher Rachel Broudy has been teaching at McKinley Technology High School in Washington, DC, for seven years. Originally from Philadelphia, Broudy moved to the area when she attended college at American University. At McKinley, she is the sponsor of the poetry club where students like to try out spoken word poetry. The school holds a monthly open mic event where students can read their pieces. Some students also attend open mic events outside of school at... Read more