by Liz Gossens - May 11, 2017
For the 24 seniors who participated in the 2017 College & Career Senior Challenge, the celebration dinner on Monday, May 8th was ostensibly a means of receiving their scholarship checks, but for us as an organization, it was more importantly an opportunity to gather open feedback about our program and the Senior Challenge Academy (SCA). This year’s celebration dinner was also unique in that we were rewarding more than just the eight students who had the highest points for their arguments.... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - May 10, 2017
Teacher quality matters more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling. This has been the conventional wisdom in education research for the last twenty years, dominating public policy discussions. However, in the last six months, the long-overlooked importance of curriculum and its impact on driving student outcomes has been elevated by new research and several successful case studies. In February 2017, Charles Sahm reported in US News and World Report that a five-state study,... Read more
by Liz Gossens - April 5, 2017
"I am hesitant to call myself an expert, but I look forward to any opportunity to push students to explore their individual creativity and to challenge the idea of what they believe themselves to be capable of."  - Mr. Z Christian Czaniecki (Mr. Z) is a DC transplant, originally hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. He's been teaching English IV, Creative Writing, and Multicultural Literature at Roosevelt High School for six years and has an... Read more
by Liz Gossens - April 5, 2017
In preparation for next week’s 2017 College & Career Senior Challenge, over 25 students from DC public and public charter schools from across the city have been gathering every Wednesday evening at the Shaw Library to develop and refine their presentations. Part of the Senior Challenge Academy (SCA) involves splitting these students into groups to practice their pitches, and last week we were reminded of just how important peer-to-peer feedback is in the learning process. Despite the fact... Read more
by Liz Gossens - March 29, 2017
We're getting closer to the event, and the seniors are even more diligent in preparing their presentations. There are only three Senior Challenge Academies remaining, and the pressure is mounting. After the students arrived last Wednesday, grabbed snacks and settled into their chairs, One World Education student (and former staff member), Ben Acquah, led the students in practicing their presentations in rapid-fire format while facing one another. It was an important moment to remind students... Read more