by Eric Goldstein - December 10, 2013
Teachers should think their subject is the most important to the education of their student – or at least that’s what my mentor teacher told me years ago. I believed her then and still do today! But how important can your subject be if it is being removed from the middle and high school curriculum around the country? Geography teachers are asking themselves this difficult question. The question is timely. Several weeks ago another International Education Week came and went. Schools that... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - November 12, 2013
A foundation of the Common Core Standards (CCSS) is having students read complex text. No one will doubt how critical this is to being college ready. But is the Common Core framework providing a narrow view of complex text? The complexity of a reading sample is determined through qualitative and quantitative formulas, in addition to the student’s task. However, debate is growing on how to satisfy the CCSS focus on “complex” text, and at the same time ensure students can read and... Read more
by Eric Goldstein - September 9, 2013
Dear One World Education Friends, International Literacy Day, which was September 8th, marks the sixth anniversary of One World Education. I was recently reminded of where it all started when I had lunch with two former students who were on summer break from college. It was in their 8th grade classroom where our program originated in 2006. Stemming partly from frustration and partly from school demands for improved writing outcomes, I asked those students to write about anything they cared about,... Read more