2019 Ambassador Challenge Academy

An Important and Memorable Learning Experience for Your Students

After the conclusion of the in-class portion of the One World Program, teachers can nominate 2-3 students per grade level at each school who meet all of the requirements listed below. These nominees will receive the full support of the One World staff, public speaking specialists, and volunteer mentors in turning their argumentative essays into compelling oral presentations, as well as refining their essays toward online publication. Students will practice with us during seven afterschool sessions, called the Ambassador Challenge Academy, before they compete for scholarships and academic prizes at the One World Ambassador Challenge on March 26th, 2019 at the National Housing Center.

Please take three minutes to watch the below video and see the many different ways that students distinguished themselves and their schools at last year’s event, as well as learned valuable life lessons. We are particularly proud of how students learn to elevate their voice during their One World experience and have the opportunity to present in front of 300 community leaders, educators, and family members.


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As mentioned above, selected nominees will join students from across Washington, DC for seven intensive workshops to be held on Tuesday afternoons between January 29 - March 19, 2019. During the Challenge Academy, led by teaching artist Drew Anderson, Teacher Leaders, and mentors, students will hone skills developed in the classroom. They will learn about maintaining the proper posture, pacing, and projection needed for professional presentations. Students will ultimately transform their writing into dynamic oral presentations and display boards in preparation for the culminating Ambassador Challenge, where they will present their research to a panel of judges.

Requirements for Nominated Students:

  1. Successful completion of the One World Journal and essay.
  2. Well-crafted argument that follows the Ambassador Nomination Rubric.
  3. Interest in working with teachers and mentors to transform their argument into a dynamic oral presentation and visual display board.
  4. Available to attend the Challenge Academy from 4:15 - 6:45pm on Tuesdays from January 29 - March 19, 2019 at the UNCF headquarters (1805 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001), above Shaw/Howard Metro Station. Snacks will be provided from 4:15 - 4:45pm.
  5. Self-driven mindset, will strive to improve their work and represent their school in competition for scholarships and academic prizes by completing each benchmark in the Challenge Academy.

Please complete this student nomination form and submit nominees' essays by January 18, 2019.


Ambassador Challenge Academy Calendar

Key Dates and Information:

1/18/2019 Nomination Deadline

Submit completed nomination applications with student essays and nomination rubrics to Jessie at jessie@oneworldeducation.org.

1/29/2019 Challenge Academy

Session 1: Ambassador Challenge Orientation


Session 2: Building an Outline with "Points of Power"


Session 3: The Hook 


No Challenge Academy this week


Session 4: Preparing for the Presentation


Session 5: Visual Design 


Session 6: Display Board Feedback


Session 7: Final Rehearsal

3/26/2019 One World Ambassador Challenge

5-7pm at the National Housing Center


Please contact Adar Howard, Director of Teaching and Learning, at adar@oneworldeducation.org, if you have any questions.