Teacher Feature: Meron Habte

Having gone to school in England, Virginia, Seattle, and Ethiopia, Meron Habte has had the opportunity to see a wide variety of different education systems as well as teaching styles and abilities.  “I saw what an excellent teacher looks like and what a mediocre one does. I saw that policy gets passed by people who are not in education and how it affects students. Eventually, I want to get into policy work but first I wanted to experience working one-on-one with students and basically being a teacher,” said the 10th grade Woodson High School teacher.

To that end, outside the classroom, Ms. Habte is getting her master’s degree in education, with an emphasis on leadership and policy, from American University.

It’s clear what Ms. Habte is most passionate about, “When I was getting ready to graduate from college I heard about Teach for America and they placed me in DC. I’ve always felt education was really important. I love learning and believe you become a better person when you allow yourself to learn from those around you. I am a big traveler and love learning about new cultures but it’s important to be open to learning about the world around you.”

With the focus of the 10th grade One World Writing Program on cultural and global issues, it seems like the perfect match for this teacher, who has used it for two years. “I love that the lesson plans are ready to go right away. The student portal is great, and I love that OWEd gives you all the materials. It so much easier when you have everything you need right away: the books, equipment, etc.”

“I also like the fact that everything is clearly aligned with CCSS and visible for students to follow through from beginning to end. The Student Notebook makes what they’re learning tangible; the students can touch it. They can reflect on the work they’ve done and see their progress. As the teacher, it helps me to know what to focus on based on what I see in their work. I know what to re-teach and what to focus on because I’m always able to see their progress.”

Ms. Habte looks forward to using the Writing Program again and affecting change - with and for - her students.


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