Professional Development

OWEd provides in-school training and coaching to support teachers with two core areas of professional development.  These on-going programs focus on core teaching principles and progressive strategies. Our simple and innovative PD series prepare teachers with the skills and supports to enhance and expand the teaching and learning experience.

Curriculum Design & Development (CDD)

The resources and plans teachers enter the classroom with is one of the strongest factors of student learning.  This PD series supports teachers in more effectively designing and assessing an engaging, standards-based and thematic curriculum and to strategically reflect and revise.  As a result, teachers increase curriculum design and reflective skills and more effectively plan, implement, assess, revise and improve their teaching.

Culture Across the Curriculum (CAC)

Teachers working together to meet learning goals can greatly increase student learning.  This PD series trains and supports teachers and grade level teams to align curriculum so learning themes and projects can be interdisciplinary, inclusive and community-oriented.  As a result, teachers expand teaching opportunities beyond their own classes and students realize the connectedness of their learning.


“The One World Curriculum engaged my students because they were learning from people their age. I know I will use this again and again – the class discussion that ensued was exactly why I teach.”

Julie Caccamise, Wilson High School Teacher

“Even as a veteran DC teacher, One World Education provided tools that equally excite and prepare students for success on their local andfederal tests.” 

- Kamel Igoudjil, School Without Walls Teacher

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