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One World Program: Professional Development

As a group of current and former teachers we take professional development seriously. We take pride in teachers entering our sessions skeptical, but leaving feeling prepared and energized.

We facilitate professional development at three levels; district wide, school wide, and at the individual teacher level. However, our model thrives on training for one teacher from each grade in every school. These teachers then lead in-school PD sessions for their colleagues, ensuring that program expertise is always in the school.

What can teachers expect from a One World Education professional development session?


  1. Time to adapt the One World Program to be successful in your class.
  2. Review best practices and adaptations in collaboration with other teachers.
  3. Opportunity to ask questions and answer the questions of other teachers.


  1. Respect of your expertise and knowledge of how your students learn best.
  2. Commitment to helping you throughout your One World Program experience.
  3. A promise to listen and improve our program based on your feedback.