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One World Program: Professional Development

After years of seeing teachers dissatisfied with typical training practices, One World developed a Professional Development (PD) model ​at both the school and district level ​that is exclusively connected to its curriculum. We take pride when teachers enter our sessions skeptical, ​and leave feeling prepared and energized.

We tailor professional development for each partner through two primary models:

School or District Level:
In these empowering and respectful sessions, ​participants first take on the role of the student and are guided through the learning experience. This approach allows ​educators to see where their learners will succeed and struggle. Then, One World assists teachers with differentiating instruction to ensure that all students succeed. Sessions conclude by teachers developing an in-school support plan and discussing options for celebrating students at the end of the program, at the school and/or district level.

The One World Program thrives when intellectual ownership is handed to the educational leaders working in participating schools and districts. To encourage this, One World coordinates with its partners to facilitate half-day training sessions that prepare district and school leaders to lead future PD sessions within their communities, ​ensuring personalized learning for teachers and students in their own schools.