by Eric Goldstein - October 24, 2014
It is always a great day at the office when my office is a high school classroom filled with exceptional teaching and students on their feet engaged and learning. That's the day I had today when I visited Ms. Keisha Thorpe's 12th grade Senior Capstone class at Bell Multicultural High School in DC Public Schools. Hers is one of the dozens of classes using OWEd’s Writing Program this fall. In this Capstone class, students learn skills like listening, writing, and public speaking... Read more
by Holly Kearl - October 22, 2014
“My daughter was born November 27th, 2008 (my freshman year in high school),” one of our 2012 Student Ambassadors wrote in her One World Education essay. “Thankfully, and with the encouragement and support from my family, I am doing great. I am a successful teen mom and my daughter is very well taken care of. Being a teenage mother is a very rigorous task. It takes strength, faith, intelligence, patience, and family support. Without those factors it can end in tragedy.  As... Read more
by Holly Kearl - October 16, 2014
This fall, teachers in 11 DC public schools and six charter schools are using our successful Writing Program in their classrooms. Our Common Core-aligned, teacher-created lesson plans are easily differentiated for multiple learning styles. Students have the opportunity to build their research and writing skills as they learn more about a topic of interest to them. This month our staff is making classroom visits to see the students in action. Deputy Director Joy King-Pike made the first visit this... Read more
by Holly Kearl - October 8, 2014
When I was in kindergarten and first grade, my family lived in Iowa City, Iowa, just a few blocks from my elementary school. I walked there with my next door neighbor and best friend Aaron, who was my same age. I remember a bully picking on me once or twice, but otherwise, I recall it being a safe and uneventful journey. When my family and I moved to Kentucky and then to California, my schools were miles away, so I took the school bus in Kentucky and the city bus in California. I joined the majority... Read more
by Holly Kearl - October 1, 2014
“I’m not going to lie to you,” wrote One World Education Student Ambassador Alexandra Fognani in the opening of her essay. “I once bullied a classmate named Ann. She was 12 years old. We were in the same class at our elementary school and I did it because everyone was doing it. I was shy and didn’t know how to stand up for what was right.” Bullying and cyber-bullying impact most students during their school career. They may be victims of bullying, witnesses to... Read more